Making some modifications to your bathroom can prevent issues and support the independence and safety of people living at home.

Need to make your bathroom safer?

The bathroom can be one of the more dangerous rooms in a person’s home. Obstacles, wet floors or poor lighting all contribute to an increased chance of falling.

A simple check of the bathroom can help you to identify what factors might contribute to a fall.

Here is a handy checklist to help you identify whether you need to make any modifications to your bathroom. 

Click here to download our Bathroom Safety and Modification Checklist as a PDF.

To work out the best solutions to meet your specific needs, we recommend an Occupational Therapist visit your home to conduct a home safety assessment. An Occupational Therapist can assist you to organise home modifications and, if required, can make recommendations regarding assistive equipment.

Arrange this service by contacting the BaptistCare Customer Engagement Centre on 1300 275 227 or visit to explore some of the options available.


Here are some more general ideas about modifying your home to live independently for longer.