Do you or your parents require Home Care?

Follow these six steps to find out how to access the home care you need.

Step 1. Register

Ring the My Aged Care service on 1800 200 422 and speak to an operator. They will arrange for an assessor to call you or visit you at home. You can also ask a trusted Home Care provider like BaptistCare to help you navigate the My Aged Care system.

Step 2. Be assessed

The assessment process is free of charge and the assessor will look at your needs and home situation. You will be assessed for a level of care between 1 and 4. Level 1 care provides a basic level of support and each tier gradually increases until you reach high support needs at Level 4. Around this time, you will also need to provide details of your finances to Centrelink to work out the size of your co-payment.

Step 3. Wait for funding

There is a queue for federal funding support. You will typically have to wait six to nine months for your funding to come through. You may be sent a letter saying that you were ‘approved’ but there is some time until the funding package is ‘assigned’ and ready for use. This is a good time to explore your potential providers or use the tool to draft a care plan for your package.

When it does come through, sometimes, you may initially receive a lower level of funding than you were assessed for. Full funding should come through a few months later.

Step 4. Choose a provider

Once your funding comes through, you will be sent a letter saying your package has been ‘assigned’. This is when you can engage a provider to deliver your services. If you enter your postcode in the My Aged Care website, you will receive a randomised list of 100 providers. Look for an established provider that fully meets your needs. Read our blog, How to choose the right Home Care provider or talk with our community members about how they feel about their service from us.

Step 5. Choose how to spend your subsidy

You have complete control over which Home Care services your subsidy is spent on. Work together with your provider to establish which services are most important to you and will most benefit your ability to live a full, independent life.

Step 6. Pay the monthly fee and receive your services

Everyone who receives Federal Government Home Care Package financial support is required to make a co-payment to access the services. This will include:

  • a basic daily fee and
  • an income-tested care fee (if your income is over the maximum income for a full pensioner). More info.

These amounts will be sent to you in a letter in advance and can be as little as $10 a day, depending on your financial situation. All details, including government subsidies and your co-payment, will also be clearly shown in your individualised monthly statement.

Here is a helpful way to track your spending: Draft a home care plan that suits your budget.


As always, contact our BaptistCare Customer Engagement Centre on 1300 275 227 for more information or visit to draft a home care plan that suits your budget. 

We can also assist you with some helpful strategies while you wait for your home care package to be assigned.


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