Client Stories – Roy

My name is Roy and support is important to me. 

Roy: I mostly rise somewhere around about 7:00. I’ll normally pull my bed up to some degree, but it really never gets made in the morning. Then I’ll go and have my tablets for the day. I’ve got to have nine tablets in the day, which is supposed to help me with my various illnesses.

Nicole: So, for Dad, there have been quite a few changes for him just since mum passed away some 18 months ago. So it was at that point we realised that Dad might need a little bit more help and support. We’ve always been around and very supportive, and certainly promises were made to Mum when she passed away that Dad would be looked after. We thought Dad might need a little bit of help with some cleaning, some domestic assistance, some help just with looking after the house and that’s worked out really well in terms of the support that he’s been getting from Baptist Care.

Peter: Dad enjoys having someone come and assist with some of the housekeeping duties and the home services. The particular thing that he enjoys, and is prepared for each day, are the outings; they’re a real highlight for him. He is actually prepared very early in the morning and really looks forward to those moments. So that’s been very helpful.

Nicole: And it’s been quite amazing to see, just how well that’s maintained him from a sort of socialization perspective. So going out with people and going out to different places, even if it just involves going to a club just for lunch.

Roy: I sit near the front of the bus usually, if I can. And just watch as we travel the various routes and the various streets we go picking people up.

Peter: Our family is constantly, in one way or another, interacting with Dad which has meant that he can live his life as normal. He can do what he wants to do, he has a lot of independence, but we … The people here are constantly keeping an eye on how things are going and making sure that things are going smoothly and we try to do that in a fairly non-invasive way.

Roy: I keep track of what the kids are doing to some degree. I don’t always know where they are going or what they are going to do. But I will sometimes ask about that, but that’s fine, because I then sit down and read a book. They are still here when I get home again. So it’s really nice to be at home with family around in a place that I feel safe. At my age that’s an important part of feeling happy and enjoying my life.

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