Client Stories – Peter & Marie

We’re Peter and Marie and BaptistCare has been invaluable to us. Peter has just blossomed. 

Marie: I’ve been married to Peter for 57 years. We’ve had a very charmed life. Peter and I had eight children ourselves. Country solicitors don’t earn a lot of money and the farm was great to supplement the income.

The nice part about being a solicitor was that he could help so many people. He helped me maintain my individuality by always being involved in church, by being involved in art. I think we both gave to one another our strengths and that’s a part of him that I just absolutely love.

Marie: Peter developed Parkinson’s Disease and he had to retire from law when all he knew was law. Peter was hurt very badly in an accident on the farm and spent nine weeks in Lourdes hospital recuperating.

Peter: Well, Marie, she’s the backbone of everything I do today. She’s very close to me. She loves me a lot.

Marie: It was about we were introduced to BaptistCare. They’re enabling me to keep Peter at home.

Janice: I think they probably say that I listen well. That I’m interested in their story. That I try to find creative solutions to things that might be happening in their lives.

Marie: He missed the office. I know sometimes he doesn’t want to get up.

Janice: Sometimes as we get older, we think that’s not for me anymore. There’s nothing to plan for. There’s nothing to dream of. It sparked something for me when I was speaking with Marie and Peter, and they mentioned about his passion for woodworking and how can we look at ways to facilitate this? How can we engage Peter in something that he’s interested in?

Janice: Marie was actually the one that came up with the suggestion.

Marie: I asked Janice about employing a builder to come in and help Peter with woodwork.

Janice: So Alan, our contractor, comes once a week, in the afternoon, and Peter he gets to build something for his grandchildren. I think the success is not looking at the little picture but looking at the whole of that person’s life.

Marie: BaptistCare has been absolutely amazing. Peter’s never ever been a great handyman, but he just blossomed, because of what the girls in this quality time give Peter. What Alan gives Peter to create a new life, which makes him get up out of bed, put his feet on the floor.

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