Client Stories – Margaret P

My name is Margaret and I’m supported at home. 

We came up here on the 7th of December, 1984, so we’ve been here 31 years now.

The tails that you see up there on the hill, they’re horses on my property. I used to go up there and paint. I’ve been an artist for 40 years. I’m so happy here. Have been all the time I’ve been here. But I particularly love my two horses. The brown one’s called River, and the grey one is called Dan.

Elderly home care support quality of life margaret loves horses central coast

The BaptistCare people here from the Central Coast are a great bunch of women and men. I really rely on them, and I think they know it too. To me the BaptistCare people are special, really special. I would not be able to stay here without BaptistCare. They are my lifeline, and they make sure that I am well and truly covered.

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My little Libby, she does all my housecleaning. She knows where everything is; it’s wonderful. I don’t have to tell her where anything is. And we’ll usually have a cup of coffee before we start. They don’t just shower me. They talk to me. I socialise with each of my ladies. Wonderful. Couldn’t do without them. That’s what I think about my BaptistCare.

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Elderly home care support customer story margaret loves horses central coast

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